We professionally specialize in dealing with termites problems. We provide service in

  • Forecasting termite attacks by identifying signs of termites in your house or property.
  • Providing full fledged termite control by inspection, treatment and post-treatment protection.
  • We provide home buyer reports for the property or home after inspecting termites.
  • Not just for homes, we also provide services to commercial properties, including containers, shipments and others

Term a Kill commercial service

We do not just focus on domestic properties as stated before. Under commercial service, we provide

  • Ultimate protection to your site of business, without hindering your business
  • We follow food legislation for pest control. Thus, we are a good choice for your restaurant, pubs and other food related businesses
  • We also provide other services to other food related businesses like dairy farms, agricultural forms, food retail store, food processing store and others.
  • We are a branded service provider. Our certificate on pest control will help you attract more customers or buyers.

Termite protection service

Once infested, termites would definitely destroy a few favourite wooden items in your house. Thus, it is better to protect your house rather than getting treated. This is where our protection service comes handy. One in four houses in Australia gets infested with termites. This shows the alarming increase in the need for protection. With our protection, we provide

  • Pre-construction protection service to buildings (both commercial and residential)
  • With our annual check-up you receive a warranty for termite protection
  • Protection after treatment to make sure that you are termite-free for long